Simple joys…

Today I got a special and unexpected visit from some of my favorite people. Turns out those people are 3 years old and 9 months old. ☺️ My nephews have been intensely special to me from the minute they were born! And being an Aunt is one of the most special gifts I have received from God in my life.

As I was hiding under a blanket with the 3 year old, “hiding from a bear” of course, I was reminded of how unique the joy of a child is!  And what an amazing balm to a tired and weary soul child like joy can be! Listening to a child sing and play, and getting a good squeeze reminds me that joy can be found in any circumstance. Which was exactly what I needed today!

This week God has surrounded me with some of the most joyful people. I enjoyed time with old friends, had the joy of some hilarious house guests, and now a special visit with family. In each interaction my heart was filled and strengthened by the body of Christ!

I am reminded of Paul’s exhortation in Philippians 4. We are told to “Rejoice in the Lord always.” While this is not always easy- this week I have been reminded of the faithfulness of God to help his children in their time of need. It has been a struggle for me to “rejoice” recently- in the middle of chemo and a seemly endless string of doctors visits joy seems hard to find. But in the midst of that battle, God has given me so many reasons so find joy! To choose joy!

He has reminded me that even in the battle I have been blessed beyond my wildest imagination. And rather than dwell on the sorrow and sadness- today I will choose to see my blessings and the Giver of those blessings first. When I focus on my problems they seem to grow and become unmanageable, but God can transform my trials, bring me deep peace and lasting joy.  In dwelling on God’s goodness there is always more joy to be found.

Today, I thank God who is the giver of all good gifts. The giver of endless laughter with friends. The Creator of children and their contagious laughter. The deep well from whom I can find joy in the midst of sorrow. I have received just enough grace for today….


4 Replies to “Simple joys…”

  1. Your amazing words of joy and life cause my heart and eyes to flood with tears and sob His praises. Oh how He loves you to take you to the secret place of His abundance in all these things. How beautifully submissive you are to receive all that He has for you. You are His beautiful and captivating one. You are revealing life abundance. Thank you our lovely for sharing. <3

  2. Love your attitude of gratitude. We’ve known God was gonna use you in a mighty way since you were tiny. Keep focusing on Him sweet girl!!! Love you!!

  3. What a gift to have had a visit from so many joyful people! Praise God for the laughter and joy of children! Continuing to pray for joy in each day for you as you continue in this battle. You are a light in this dark world Demri. Keep shining.

  4. Your words are a blessing, Demrie. God is BIG and He loves you. Thanks for the reminder to all of us to remember to choose joy, right along with you.

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