Blessings Multiplied….

This week has been one of immense blessing for me. I have been reminded in so many ways just how deep God’s love runs for His children. Love that is seen in the beauty of His creation. Through the generosity and kindness of the people He has made. Through the joy of laughter. Through the peace and calm of sunshine warming your face. 

Because of the deep and profound generosity of some of my favorite patients at my dental office, (I am a dental hygienist if I have never mentioned that before!)  my family had the blessing to take a trip we didn’t think would be possible. We spent the week relaxing, enjoying, and laughing at Lake Powell on a house boat! The trip has been a dream for my family for many years but because time always seems to slip away to quickly we had never been able to make it a reality- until now! 

One of the blessing about this season of life, when life itself becomes much less certain, is that you learn to make time for things that are important! Thinks like family vacations. The greatest reward being the joy of filling our memory banks with experiences and adventures that can be stored up for a lifetime! Some of my very special extended family also made the trek to enjoy this trip with us as well, making the trip even sweeter. A time that will be remembered by all for years to come!

Words really don’t do justice to explain just how much God blessed me with this trip. Yes I had some back pain, even severe at times. Yes I had some limitations I didn’t necessarily enjoy. BUT as always, God blessings and provision far outweighed any negatives that could be counted. When we are looking for Gods blessings we tend to find them much more easily than one would expect. For example, this week the sun has been shining and bright every day. I have gotten to build new friendships with a couple I adore and have already come I love! I got to experience new and exciting things with my nephews. I got to feel my newest niece and/or nephew move in my sister-in-laws belly for the first time. I got to laugh around a campfire with family I get to see far from regularly. What joy can be found even in the midst of sorrow! What hope can been seen when we remember that each day if a gift from God! A gift meant to me enjoyed to it’s absolute fullest! 

As I have dwelled in and seen Gods goodness in such practical ways this week, God used a friend to remind me of a few verses in Psalm 71 that put into words what I have been feeling. 

“But as for me, I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and of Your salvation all day long; for I do not know the sum of them.” Psalm 71:14-15 

Something similar is stated in Psalm 40:5. It says: 

“Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, and Your thoughts toward us; there is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak them they would be too numerous to count.” 

What an amazing blessing to know that Gods righteousness, His wonders, His salvation are so great that we could not possibly understand the “sum of them!” It has been such a great comfort in my life to know and believe that I serve a BIG God! A strong God. And most importantly that in His bigness…His Almighty Power, He chooses to love me. And that love is so great that He has given me salvation and new life. He has given me unconditional love! And He continues to give me blessings each and everyday- as an outpouring of this same bottomless well of love. 

I have not even begun to see the extent of God’s goodness and love in my life and in the lives of those around me. One of the dangers in any trial or hardship is that the sorrow can begin to overshadow our vision of Gods love and goodness. We see the pain in front of us instead of God’s continued goodness all around us. It’s almost as if pain has put its hand directly in front of our eyes- it makes or vision limited and darkens our perspective. But we also must remember that the hand in front of our eyes is not all that exists. It may make it hard to see truth, it may make us work to remember what is real, but it does not have the power to change our reality. It can’t take away Gods blessings. It can’t remove His love from it lives. No matter how hard life gets Gods goodness is great. No matter how difficult our circumstances get God’s love will always the surround us. 

So I will choose to remember that I haven’t even started to see the depths of God’s goodness!! Take heart in this truth friend! While sorrow and pain exist- they will not last forever. They can not overcome our powerful, loving God. And we are each held securely in the palm of His hand. Search our His blessings today….for He has given us just enough grace for today…. 

4 thoughts on “Blessings Multiplied….

  1. Thank you Demrie. What a great reminder no matter where we are in our walk with Him. “So I will choose to remember that I haven’t even started to see the depths of God’s goodness!!” I haven’t even started…. I need to journal that ‘note to self.’ 😉 So thankful that even in the pain, you were given the gift of this beautiful week together. Treasures for you and treasures for your family. I’m still praying… Love you big.

  2. Demrie, I don’t know you well, but you inspire and bless me all the time from afar. I pray for you often.

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