About this Blog

So what is this blog really about? At first the idea of starting a blog seemed a little insane to me!

For me this is about being obedient. I feel like God is asking me to write this journey down and I am striving to take each step to bring honor and glory to God. While I do not always succeed I have decided to take a step out in faith. When I felt this prompting I did a double take and asked, “really God, are you sure?” It seemed so far out of my wheel house that I was unsure about where to start. But obedience doesn’t require understanding, it just requires putting one foot in front of the other. And that is exactly what this is.

This blog isn’t necessarily about cancer. It is, however, about my journey through a difficult season in life with faith as my beacon. God illuminates my darkness (Proverbs 18:28). God takes my right hand and helps me (Isaiah 41:13). I will share what God is teaching me during this season and hopefully beyond. Writing has proved to help me sort out my thoughts, and to keep my relationship with God alive and thriving.

While I don’t claim to know much, I do believe that God has put a calling on my life to share what He is teaching me with others. For many years that has looked simply like discipleship. There are many women I have sought to love well in the past 10 years. And by simply teaching them what God has imparted to me, I have received much more than I gave. There is such depth found in speaking God’s truth. And my hope is that in speaking what I have learned, in this new format, you may be encouraged. Nothing more. I seek to love you well reader. To love you like God has loved each of us.

Please know that I do not have any special education or special insight. My goal is only to speak what I feel God is speaking to me through His Word. To taking the meaning of scripture and share how they are impacting my life. A simple goal that I pray I can succeed in.

Thank you for taking time to read these humble words spoken by a young women that doesn’t claim to know much. My prayer is that you find hope and encouragement as you take this journey along with me. May God speak to you during this time. I pray He will move you into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.